Luxury Room DIY

How do "DIY" Luxury Room Composite works?

1. Go to to choose the desired backgrounds. Follow the instruction in the gallery to create a "Favorite List." using your email.

2. Take a photo of your kids with the best camera you have. Phone photo works too. Follow the abovementioned photography tips as much as you can.

3. Email the Original sized photo to If you are taking phone photos, email from the PHONE THAT TOOK THE PHOTOS. If you are not sure if a photo would work, you can always Facebook message to me to get an opinion.

4. I will transfer your kids from the picture you took to the Christmas you chose. $35 per image.

5. You will get your kid's photos back within a week.

How to shoot for the Composite (DIY Background Swap) Images:

• Always use a camera if you have one. If you don't, use your phone. Turn the phone's Jpeg format size to the largest. Use Portrait mode if it's available on your phone. If your camera supports RAW format, please use RAW.

• When you take photos, make sure your kid's full body is in the frame. Do not cut off any limb in the images—for example, no cutting off toes, arms, legs and hair. Also, make sure your kid's toes are not buried in the backdrop sheet if you use one.

• The camera/phone MUST be level with your kid's eyes, which means your knees need to be on the floor if necessary. Don't shoot from top-down or bottom-up. Keep the camera straight.

Take photos from 4-7ft away from the kids.

• Make sure there is PLENTY of light. If you take photos indoors, the window is a great light source. Place your kid right beside the window. The light should come from either left or right side of your child. The overcast weather is preferred; However, when it's sunny, try to find a piece of sheer light coloured fabric to diffuse the harsh sunlight. Soft even lighting is ideal. ONLY USE NATURAL LIGHT, DO NOT USE ANY HOUSEHOLD LIGHT. 

• If you take photos outdoors, bring your kids to a shaded area. Avoid harsh sunlight.

• For the best result, a drop sheet should be used (bedsheet or any type of fabric). The colour of the sheet should be a light neutral colour, such as white, cream, light grey and light beige. Try to keep the sheet in place with heavy items in each corner. Make sure the sheet doesn't cover any part of the kid's body, especially the legs and toes.