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Newborn DIY

Here is how the "DIY" works.
1. Go to to choose the desired backgrounds.  Follow the instruction in the gallery to create a "Favorite List" using your email.
2. Share your "Favorite List" with me, and I will provide you with photography instructions. Take photos of your baby with the best camera you have. Phone photo works too. Email your baby's photo to
3. I merge the picture of your baby with the newborn background you chose. (I go by the "Favorite List" that you created in my gallery). $35 per image.
4. You will get your baby's photos back within a week. 

Please also read the photography tips below.
· Always use a camera if you have one. If you don't, use your phone. Turn the phone's Jpeg format size to the largest. Use Portrait mode if it's available on your phone. If your camera supports RAW format, please use RAW.

· Make sure there is PLENTY of light. Use the brightest space in the house. Place baby by the window. The overcast weather is preferred; However, when it's sunny, find a piece of sheer light-coloured fabric to diffuse the harsh sunlight. Soft even lighting is what you are looking for. ONLY USE NATURAL LIGHT, DO NOT USE ANY HOUSEHOLD LIGHT.

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